…adding new flavor with a vintage impression

As Charles Miller Brand evolves, we want to make sure that we are covering all the basics of a strong sense of marketing and branding. We are inspired by all those around us and we flirt with creativity and art every day. We continuously pick each others brain in order to build upon “the” idea in discussion. This is where it all begins! We incorporate lateral thinking in order for our Brand to succeed.

This has caused us to think outside the box when traveling on R&D trips. The outcome of the most recent trip was meeting interesting and unique individuals. We were blessed with a woman who describes the talents she posses as beauty treatment. TARA FRANCESCHINA is a Future Professional at Paul Mitchell and has a very seasoned sense of Fashion, Hair, and Makeup. Her goal is to have you leaving feeling good about yourself. You may possibly be able to see some of her unique talents in the upcoming photo shoot for Charles Miller Brand F/W 2012 Look Book.

We are please to be at a point where the storyline of the company is beginning to compliment our achievements.  More to come…CMB 1984.

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street dreams to a solid team

It’s 1:22am at the Harrisburg office of Charles Miller Brand operations and we are still at work. After attending the School of Hard Knocks the past few years, we’re ready to put all the experiences, hard work, and growth to the test. It is some truth in your brand if you are able to see a storyline in the way your brand has evolved. Tonight, we are being re-influenced, re-motivated, and re-charged to keep pressing to the many levels we have ahead of us. The early years of the now Charles Miller Brand began as “Gear by Pook” then later birthed “Keep It Movin’ Garments.” These years between 2004 to 2010 defined the perseverance that we still operate in to this day; its the only reason we are able to receive that goal-oriented satisfaction directly related to the mission we’ve never lifted our eyes from; Fashion for the world. The essence of how it all started is what we are reminded of tonight and every day. The mission is continuous…Charles Miller Brand 2013.

There is a certain appreciation that the Charles Miller Brand team has for one another; its the reason we are so successful in our cohesiveness and its going to be the determining factor for the longevity of our brand.


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Organizational Effectiveness

Approaching the tip of the Summer’s breeze and we are running with the flow of creativity. Charles Miller Brand is approaching its launch at the end of 2012. As we transition to an attitude that is fully fueled by creative marketing and branding strategies, the Denim we design creates its own personality – matching the personality of the consumer. The Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Look book will be available by the heart of the Summer. When we address a goal at CMB, we build and rebuild from the blueprint through the ground and up to the limitless outlooks on innovation. Expect the Charles Miller Brand refined website, blog, and any other social media to expand our network laying out the red carpet for our entrance into the Premium Denim market in the upcoming months. 

There is nothing like being in an office full of design boards, samples, swatches, patterns, and sticky notes everywhere…IN THE ZONEImage

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VISIONARY: Plotting on a niche is the focus for Charles Miller Brand at this point. Denim development takes us to inspiration far beyond what we could have ever imagined. We find inspiration in any and all things. During the past month, we have traveled all across the United States embracing all different walks of life and all different Historical areas. This Research And Development trip has given us new ideas with refined direction. Sometimes we have to think ahead in order to keep going on the current mission. Today, we are in the Mid-West doing some inspiration shopping. All we see is Denim, Denim, and more Denim….guess the forecast for the Charles Miller Brand Launch? You guessed correct; Premium Denim.

Denim has been a very important milestone for our creativity and our direction. Any and every different pair of denim can be influential in our design. Our collections will display what a walking mannequin looks like in regards to a combination of the traveling business person and the ambitious individuals walking in their dreams of peace and success. Delivery Date: Fall/Winter 2012-2013 – CHARLES MILLER BRAND


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The Story Board: Back to the Future

Rumor has it that Charles Miller Brand is reaching to Los Angeles and beginning to extend its flavor to international markets. We know it has been a while since we’ve been in the public eye, but the wait is over. During the past 10 months, we here at CMB have refined, reconstructed, and are now reproducing the Charles Miller Brand starting with its Personal touch of “one of a kind” Denim. We plan to begin to show the public our Denim crafting this Spring. Look forward to a new Look Book, Website, and the Launch of the Charles Miller International Magazine. We’ve done enough behind the scenes, now its time to put the whole Story Board of the Charles Miller Brand out. Here is a teaser…introducing the G-Series Denim…Thank You for all your continuous support. 

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Washed Denim – Chemistry and Art

There is a few parts to the Denim development that Charles Miller is preparing for the launch of Charles Miller International in 2012. Raw Denim is Mr. Miller’s opening specialty because it creates its own personality from the lifestyle of the individual who is wearing them in addition to the longevity of the fabric.  A personal touch of chemistry will have every yard of Washed Denim that is developed @CMIBrand Headquarters to broadcast a different pair of Denim in every single pair sold. Hand washed Denim will become that standard for our Washed Denim. Its something about distressed Denim that speaks with confidence as it is worn; a uniqueness that cannot be duplicated.  We are in the process of sampling Mr. Miller’s personal hand washing techniques and coupling it with the current R&D that we are doing across the world in preparation for the public launch of the brand.  We send special thanks to Donwan Harell, Founder of PRPS; appreciate the inspiration to opening our mind to Denim Washing. 

Seamless – CMI 1984

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Seamless Transition

Mind blowing… There is something about entertaining the million thoughts that can run through your head involving all the particular occupations that surround fashion. Motivation based mixed with a strong sense of peripheral inspiration helps the foundation at Charles Miller International prepare for launching the brand to the public. 2012 is going to be a great year for growth. We have took the time to enhance the vision and the mission. Now, with a clearer sense of direction personally, we’re able to evolve the way the company was intended to with the personal touch of Charles Miller himself in every product.  There will be nothing from the 2011 LookBook that will be featured in the 2012 Charles Miller Brand Launch, we change seamless with the seasons.

CMI 1984

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